Rabbi Eliyahu Elbaz

Rabbi Eliyahu Elbaz is the spiritual leader of the Sephardic Lebanese congregation. He has been serving our synagogue as Chief Rabbi for over 30 years. He was instrumental in the founding of our synagogue and his work demonstrates success on all levels. He is a graduate of the Mirrer Yeshiva and holds a Master's degree in Engineering from Columbia University.

Under his leadership, and through his sermons, classes, and religious guidance, he has lifted the spiritual and religious observance of our entire congregation. His knowledge on Halacha,Torah and Talmud precedes him.

Over the course of the past three decades Rabbi Elbaz has conducted thousands of religious ceremonies including weddings, Brit milot, Yartzeits and many more. He has helped shape and grow our kahal into a vibrant community of 500 families and over 3,000 people.

In addition the Rabbi was heavily involved in the printing of many publications including Siddurim, Mahzorim, the community-wide famous "Sefer Hakiddush", Sefer Hatehinot and many others which have sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide.

Rabbi Elbaz is also a member of the prestigious Iggud Harabanim organization which claims over 700 pulpit rabbis. He has also been giving a derasha on the Parasha, on Radio Jroot for the last 4 years which has been acclaimed by many rabbis. Rabbi Elbaz has spent his entire life serving communities. During his earlier years Rabbi Elbaz was the Rav of the Persian community in Great Neck where he founded the very first Sephardic Synagogue in Great Neck. Throughout that period, he succeeded in instituting several religious regulations which contributed in substantially elevating the spiritual level of the synagogue.

Rabbi Abraham Hayoun

Rabbi Hayoun is the newest addition to our congregation. He grew up in Paris, France where he attendedYeshivatNishmatYisrael. Subsequently, Rabbi Hayoun pursued higher rabbinical studies in Israel at the prestigious YeshivatKenessetYitshak (Hadera). He arrived to the United States in 2003and continued learning inYeshivatChaim Berlin (Brooklyn, NY) where he met his wife, Esther, daughter of R. Yehuda AriAzancot,Rabbi of Congregation Beth Torah.After the wedding, heenrolled inKollelHachamBaruch,led by R.Yaacov Ben-Haim and R. Yehuda Eliyahu. The Kollel, founded in memory of Hacham Baruch Ben-HaimA"H, sharpened his knowledge in Halacha and enabled him toreceive his Semicha from Rav Gideon Ben-Moshe Shalit”a, and the RabanutHaRashitleIsrael, both of which he completed with honors. His vibrant personality and love for Am Israeldrove him to get involved in Kiruv in Great Neck, NY. For ten years, Rabbi Hayoun and his wife traveled several times a week to deliver classes, plan events, and provide spiritual guidance for the youth. In addition, he led the first minyan in Congregation Beth Torah and delivered daily shiurim on Gemarah and Halacha. Hisenergetic personality, world knowledge, and multilingualism make Rabbi Hayoun an open-minded TalmidHaham who is easy to connect to on a personal level.Rabbi Hayoun continues to devote himself to intense Torah learning and continues to attendKollelHahamBaruh for spiritual growth. His central goal is to enable others to grow and help them attain their maximal spiritual potential.

Rabbi Shlomo Cohen

Yair Hamra

Since 2012, Cantor Yair Hamra took the position as Cantor at the Sephardic Lebanese Congregation.

He was born in Damascus, Syria where he received his early education in both religious and secular studies. He was trained in the art of music and hazzanut from an early age under his father Rabbi Yosef Hamra.As early as the age of 5, he served as co-cantor with his father in performing community weddings and other religious ceremonies.

In 1992, he moved from Syria to Brooklyn, where he was quickly hired as main cantor at the Avenue R Sephardic Congregation for eight years. He continued to enhance his professionalism by studying with the famous Cantor Raphael Elnadav and mastering voice culture techniques. In 2000, he was hired as main Cantor of the Bene Yitzhak Congregation in Brooklyn.

Yair Hamra currently serves as cantor at weddings and other religious ceremonies as well as at Hazzanutconcerts in various communities worldwide

Alber Mouhadeb

Mr. Albert Mouhadeb was born in Beirut Lebanon. His father Rabbi RafulMouhadeb A"H and the Mouhadeb family were pillars in the community of Beirut. They were involved in Synagogues, BikurHolim and masters in areas of Mohalim, Baal Koreh, Shehitah,.

Albert studied under the influence of HachamOrfani A"H, HachamShahudSchrem A"H and Rabbi Attieh.

Upon his arrival to the united he was instrumental in building of the Sephardic Lebanese congregation and continues to play a significant role in the preservation of the Synagogue.

He is an expert in Lebanese Tradition, Pizmonim, Halacha ,Torah, and of course world renowned for his talent in Torah Reading. His work extends into the dozesns of publication that the synagogue has produced over the years including Mahzorim, Siddurim, Tehiln and of course the Sefer Ha Kiddush which is used by everybody.

Mr. Albert Mouhadeb's knowledge precedes him, his presence is felt by all and he is our National Treasure.