Friday Nov. 17th

Parashat Toledot

 Candle Lighting 4:19 PM





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Parashat Toledot

Erev Shabbat

4:19 PM

Candle Lighting



4:10 PM

Shir Hashirim/Minha

Main Synagogue


4:40 PM

Kabbalat Shabbat/Arbit

Main Synagogue


4:29 PM

YSLC Minyan Shir Hashirim/Minha Salem Midrash 


6:00 AM

Shaharit - First Minyan

Main Synagogue


8:15 AM

Shaharit - Main Minyan

Main Synagogue


9:00 AM

Shaharit - Young SLC

Salem Midrash


9:00 AM

Shaharit - High School  Minyan

With Rabbi Nimo Gindi

Upper Annex


9:00 AM

Shaharit - Boys Minyan (9-12Years)

With Isaac Mallach

1st Floor Annex
  9:00 AM

Shaharit - Girls Minyan (9-12Years)

With Miriam Jemal

Basement Annex
  9:15 AM

Shaharit - Boys & Girls Minyan (4-8Years)

With Morah Lena & Morah Irit

Main Building 

Lower Level Midash


1:30 PM

Minha Gedolah

Main Synagogue


1:30 PM


Main Synagogue

  2:15 PM


Social Hall


3:55 PM


Main Synagogue


4:30 PM Seuda Shelisheet Social Hall


4:40 PM Michtam Main Synagogue

4:50 PM

Derasha Main Synagogue


5:00 PM


Main Synagogue


5:18 PM

Shabbat Ends

Main Synagogue

Note: Shiur Will Be After Arbit

Mishmara:Max Kamkhaji Ben Victoria, Mazal Chehebar Bat Sara 

Seudah Shelisheet Sponsored by: Mr. & Mrs. Benji Zeitoune



    :ויתן לך האלהים מטל השמים ומשמני הארץ ורב דגן ותירש

 “And may G-d give you from the dew of the heavens, and the fatness of the earth and a lot of grain and wine.” This is the beginning of the blessing our forefather Yishak gave to Yaacob Abinu. Rashi explains that the Hebrew word for G-d [Elokim] here implies the attribute of justice [i.e. the strict application of the law] which means that if you, Yaacob, are worthy of it, then you will merit the blessing, otherwise the blessing will not be applicable. In other words, the blessing to Yaacob was conditional. However, when Yishak Abinu gave a blessing to Esav, it was unconditional as it says: “Of the fatness of the earth shall be your dwelling”, with no condition attached. How come Hashem gave the blessing to Yaacob, the father of the nation of Israel on condition?

The students of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohay once asked him: “Why did Hashem give the Manna to the Bnei Yisrael on a daily basis? Why not give it to them on a weekly basis, or monthly basis, so that they don’t have to hassle to collect it every day?” He answered them with the following parable: There was a king who had a son that he loved very much and he wanted to see him frequently. Initially, the king was giving his son a stipend on a yearly basis; so, the son came to visit him once a year to pick up the money for the next year. But the king wanted to see his son more often! So he decided to give his son the stipend on a monthly basis, then the son came to visit every month, then on a weekly basis, and the son came to visit him every week.

In a similar way, Hashem wanted the Bnei Yisrael to turn to him, and pray to him more frequently, so he gave them the manna on a daily basis, so they would pray to him every day. Hashem wants to maintain a constant connection between us and Him. He wants us to pray to Him, and then He will answer us and satisfy our needs. If you recall when Hashem cursed the snake [for enticing Hava to eat from the Tree of Knowledge], He said: “And dust shall you eat all your life”. Is this a curse? The world is full of dust, the snake will never have to worry about finding food! That is part of the curse, the snake will never have an opportunity to turn to Hashem. And that is also, why by Yaacob the blessing is conditional. Hashem wants to give us the opportunity to pray to him all the time, and with that merit he will give us his bounty; with Esav, it is not conditional, because this way there is no prayer necessary, and his connection to Hashem is practically cut off. Let us take a lesson from here and commit ourselves to turn our prayers to the Almighty constantly, at all times, and in turn, He will take care of us at all times.

Rabbi Eliyahu Elbaz