Friday Jan. 19

Parashat Bo

 Candle Lighting 4:40 PM





Bar Mitzvah



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Parashat Bo

Erev Shabbat


Candle Lighting



4:30 PM

Shir Hashirim/Minha

Main Synagogue


5:00 PM

Kabbalat Shabbat/Arbit

Main Synagogue


4:50 PM

YSLC Minyan Shir Hashirim/Minha Salem Midrash 


6:00 AM

Shaharit - First Minyan

Main Synagogue


8:15 AM

Shaharit - Main Minyan

Main Synagogue


9:00 AM

Shaharit - Young SLC

Salem Midrash


9:00 AM

Shaharit - High School  Minyan

With Rabbi Nimo Gindi

Upper Annex


9:00 AM

Shaharit - Boys Minyan (9-12Years)

With Isaac Mallach

1st Floor Annex
  9:00 AM

Shaharit - Girls Minyan (9-12Years)

With Miriam Jemal

Basement Annex
  9:15 AM

Shaharit - Boys & Girls Minyan (4-8Years)

With Morah Lena & Morah Irit

Main Building 

Lower Level Midash


1:30 PM

Minha Gedolah

Main Synagogue


1:30 PM


Main Synagogue

  2:45 PM


Social Hall


4:15 PM


Main Synagogue


4:50 PM Seuda Shelisheet Social Hall


5:00 PM Michtam Main Synagogue

5:10 PM

Derasha Main Synagogue


5:20 PM


Main Synagogue


5:40 PM

Shabbat Ends

Main Synagogue

Note: Shiur Will Be After Arbit

Mishmara: Sasson ben Gurjiya Shohet, Aliza Farha Sutton bat Amam

Seudah Shelisheet Sponsored by: Mr. & Mrs. Benji Zeitoune


Devar Torah

After the seventh plague - hail - Moshe faced king Pharaoh to ask him, yet again, to let his people go. In their dialog, Pharaoh tried to “cut a deal” with the following proposal:

ויאמר יהי כן ה׳ עמכם כאשר אשלח אתכם ואת טפכם ראו כי רעה נגד פניכם

He [Pharaoh] said to them, "So may Hashem be with you, just as I will let you and your young children out. See that evil is before your faces”.

ויאמר משה בנערינו ובזקננו נלך בבנינו ובבנותינו בצאננו ובבקרנו נלך כי חג ה׳ לנו

Moshe said, “With our youth and with our elders we will go, with our sons and with our daughters, with our flocks and with our cattle we will go, for it is a festival of Hashem to us."

לא כן לכו נא הגברים ועבדו את ה׳ כי אותה את מבקשים ויגרש אותם מאת פני פרעה

Pharaoh replied, “Not so; let the men go now and worship Hashem, for that is what you request." And he [Pharaoh] chased them out from before him.

The Baal HaTurim explains that Pharaoh agreed to redeem only the men between the ages of 20 and 60. Although the proposal seems odd and a bit foolish, it was actually astute. Evil, yet really brilliant.

See, Pharaoh had spent years trying to torture and break the Jewish people. He inquired and researched the secrets that allowed this nation to flourish and succeed. By the time the 7th plague ended, he came up with a plan - a plan that looked generous but guaranteed the failure of this nation.  

Pharaoh knew that the Jewish people valued and depended their past and their future. Pharaoh knew, that our history and ancient traditions keep us alive and that we cherish the opportunity to relate our legacy to our descendants for many years to come. His plan was to take away the nation’s past - the elderly, and the nation’s future - the women and children. 

Luckily, however, Moshe Rabeinu refused to negotiate with this terrorist and put his terms straight: No member left behind! The nation values each and everyone and cherishes what they represent. It is either all or none. 

What a great lesson for us today - our unity matters! Each and every one of us is a vital component of our holy nation and we each represent its resilience and future existence. May Hashem help us all contribute to our great nation while admiring our elders and respecting our children.

Rabbi Abraham Hayoun