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Behar - Behukotai


Erev Shabbat

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Kabbalat Shabbat/Arbit

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Seuda Shelisheet

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Shabbat Ends

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Devar Torah

The first passuk [verse] in Parashat Behukotay states: “If you will go in my statutes, observe my commandments, and perform them”, then the Torah lists many beautiful blessings that the Al-mighty will shower upon us. The rains will come on time, bumper crops will the norm throughout the land; there will be peace and tranquility to enjoy life and there will be no fear from the enemy as Hashem will make our nation strong to thwart any threat from the outside. Note that this passuk is making all these wonderful blessings conditional upon the nation of Israel keeping the Torah and fulfilling the Misvot.

Rabbi Yishak Meir Rottenbeg from Gur who was the first Gerrer Rebbe points out an interesting lesson from this Passuk. He asks: why does it say, “if you will go in my statutes”, and not keep them or study them? He answers that when it comes to the Torah and spiritual matters, one cannot stand still; one has to always keep in motion in learning and fulfilling the misvot. In these matters, he says, there is a great principle: either you progress [go up] or regress [go down], and standing still is similar to going down. To understand this concept, imagine you are trying to go up an escalator which is going down. If you stand still, you will be going down; if you make a small effort, you just about stay in place; but if you make a big effort, you will be able to climb up to the top. This is why we must keep going to Torah classes and fulfilling as many misvot as possible; otherwise, we will stagnate and regress.

This concept is even more pronounced as we get older and we have difficulty in retaining what we study. In Pirkei Abbot, it says: “whoever studies while young, it is as if writing with ink on a new piece of paper; and whoever studies while old, it is as if writing with ink on an old piece of paper”.  In a new piece of paper, the writing is sharp and easily legible; in an old piece of paper, the writing is blurred and eventually fades. Consequently, we have to make a greater effort to refresh our learning by continually attending Torah lessons and continually listening to the Rabbis teachings and instructions.

Rabbi Eliyahu Elbaz