Parashat Shelah Lekha

Friday, June 16    8:10 PM








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שבת שלום


Parashat Shelah Lekha

Erev Shabbat

8:10 PM

Candle Lighting



6:30 PM

Shir Hashirim/Minha

Main Synagogue


7:00 PM

Kabbalat Shabbat/Arbit

Main Synagogue


6:30 PM

YSLC Minyan Shir Hashirim/Minha Midrash 


8:10 PM

Late Minyan Annex Midrash


5:45 AM

Shaharit - First Minyan

Main Synagogue


8:15 AM

Shaharit - Main Minyan

Main Synagogue


9:00 AM

Shaharit - Young SLC

Salem Midrash


9:15 AM

Shaharit - Kids Minyan

Annex Midrash


1:30 PM

Minha Gedolah

Main Synagogue


3:00 PM


Main Synagogue


6:20 PM

Mishmara Social Hall

6:45 PM

Shiurim Main Synagogue


7:45 PM


Main Synagogue


8:20 PM Seuda Shelisheet Social Hall


8:30 PM Michtam Main Synagogue

8:40 PM

Derasha Main Synagogue


8:50 PM


Main Synagogue


9:10 PM

Shabbat Ends

Main Synagogue

Mishmara:Yossef Zeitoune ben Sara / Samra Rabieh bat Shafiqa 

Devar Torah

At the opening of this week’s Parasha, we find the nation of Israel, having grown to a large number, is now mature and ready to capture the promised land and form a sovereign state of their own. Despite the fact that Hashem assured them of a land full of milk and honey, the Bnei Yisrael insisted on sending scouts to the land before waging battle. Twelve men from the choicest available, heads of tribes, were selected for this venture. Their task was clearly explained as it says: “See the people that dwell therein, whether they are strong or weak, whether they are few or many; is the land fat or lean?…” Their objective was to report the facts.

On their way back, 10 men out of 12 brought in the beautiful fruits they picked, showed them to the people and spoke badly about the land of Israel; they said: “the people that dwell in that land are fierce, the cities fortified; we saw the Nephilim [giants] and we were grasshoppers in their eyes. We are not able to fight against those people, for they are stronger than us [according to Rashi, they meant stronger than, Gd forbid, Hashem]. The whole nation was aroused in fear, crying in despair and asking to return to slavery in Egypt rather than die in battle fighting the enemy. Punishment came swift and harsh: the 10 men who spoke badly about the holy land were killed immediately; as to the other men, anyone older than 20 was sentenced to die in the desert and not enter the land of Israel.

The question arises: why such a stiff sentence? The scouts reported what they saw; is it sinful to report the truth? The answer lies not in the facts they reported, but in their interpretation of the facts, and in the perception they projected in the minds and hearts of the masses. They could have said: ‘Yes, the people are very strong; yes, the cities are fortified; but with the help of the Al-Mighty, we will go in and conquer the land”. [Actually, later on, with Yehoshua as their leader, the Bnei Yisrael fought 31 kings and easily captured the land, as promised by Hashem]. When it comes to our nation, power alone is not the answer! It is our strong faith in Hashem, in His Torah and fulfillment of Misvot which is of prime importance. Our enemies could be more powerful, more numerous and with more resources, and still lose the war. Look at the war of the Hashmonaim against the Greek Empire. Look at all the wars Israel fought in the last 70 years! As long as we put more emphasis in our loyalty to the Al-Mighty and put our faith in His hands, we will succeed in defeating our enemies, and our nation will remain strong and successful until the coming of our Mashiah Sidkenu, Amen.

Rabbi Eliyahu Elbaz